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Our Masonry Edmonton services include a wide array of services including the following:

Masonry Wall

A masonry wall is built from individual units or block of materials such as concrete block or clay, brick or stone. The materials are easy to build but requires precision and patience to achieve a neat project. Ensure you get the right block or get a half-blocks or standard blocks with rounded or squared corners to enhance the process of installation.

Loading Dock

It is also known as a loading bay. It is an area of a building specifically designed for loading and unloading goods from vehicles. Loading duck can be found in warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings. They are an important aspect of logistics and transportation of goods. They are used for refrigerated transportation and efficient delivery. There are various types of loading duck. You can decide for yourself which one to design to aid your logistics.

Demising Wall

The demising wall is a separation between tenants, apartments or plant spaces. It helps to achieve the highest ranges of height faster and economically. It can fit well on the floor, mechanical components and ceiling so that work places can be divided and to create a clean working environment to control, temperature, humidity, and pressure. The modular flexibility of the wall provides a lot of layouts and design options, and the panels provide a professional appearance.

Masonry Reinforcement

Masonry reinforcement is the strengthening of any type of concrete, brick or other masonry using other types of building materials to enhance the resistance from deterioration due to forms of stress or weight bearing. However, the designs vary, as some designs require filling units of hollow masonry like adding concrete to cement blocks or inclusion of rods.

Brick & Block Repair

Brick homes come in a variety of patterns and colors. You may notice cracks and spalling in the brick of your homes. Our home setting and exposure of elements may weaken the mortar joints. Masonry contractors can help you replace or repair your block and brick wall, walkway, decorative pillars, and windowsill. Repairing the walls can be done in a few hours or within a short time. However, it can be stressful and requires some technical know-how. So hiring a Masonry Edmonton contractor is a good option.

Vehicle Impact

Vehicle impacts refer to the injury caused by vehicles to human or the environment during rear-end collision, and pollution such as water and air pollution. At times, the impact of the vehicle on speed is not correctly determined because available crush formulas are not always applicable over certain distances or speed. Low-speed crash data test is an efficient way of determining the severity of vehicle impact.

Elevator Shafts

However, elevator shafts are vertical shaft usually find in buildings that allow elevators to pass through it from floor to floor. Moreover, our masons can work on your old elevator shafts or new ones. We can ensure your old or existing elevator shaft works perfectly or remain sound structurally and we can help install a new one.

Remedial Work

On job sites, and during construction, finishing ties mistakenly get left out of the wall and at times, some of the wall ties does not get fixed to the metal or wood studs required by the building code. Sometimes masons or during construction damaged or missing ties cause problems like poor connectivity between wythes or bowing of veneer. Instead of taking down the veneer, rebuilding or reinstalling the masonry wall, remedial work can be done to fix the errors.

Residential Services

Chimney Repair/Rebuild

If you had a problem with your chimney, we recommend to keep it clean and maintain so you can keep out chimney problems out of your life. However, the chimney system comes with a lot of stress that you may encounter too. In such a case, we recommend that you need or seek for repairs. When such problems arise, you can easily call on a chimney repair specialist or our masonry Edmonton contractors to help you.

Brick Veneer and Column Walls

Veneer refers to surfacing materials. Brick veneer has a thin brick surface. However, they can break from the ties used to secure them. There are various causes for the breakage including the severe movement of the foundation. Moreover, the wall will become unstable if left unsecured, and it will gradually peel from the building and fall. Experts of brick veneer wall repair can help you protect your brick veneer.


Tuck-pointing is the use of two different mortar colors in brickwork mortar joints. One of the colors matches the brick to give the impression that joints have been made. Tuckpointing help prevents mortar joint corrosion. With tuck-pointing, the stability of your chimney or structure is promising. However, if you fail to repair the joints, it will eventually lead to the gradual collapse of the chimney. It also helps prevent water from entering into the system. Therefore, it is important to take care of such a critical issue or an important structure. Kindly call on an expert to do that for you


If you have soot or a birds nest in your chimney, ensure you have it cleaned professionally before you build another fire. But if you have a deteriorated or cracked mortar or brick, you can call on a brick doctor. A brick doctor will have your fireplace inspected and check for chimney related problems such as deterioration or cracks, lightning damage, water leaks, smoking problems or lightning damage. Our Edmonton, Ab masonry contractor will ensure function and beauty are restored to your fireplaces.

Manufactured & Natural Stone Work

Natural stone works are made from nature, quarried and cut into different sizes and shapes. Manufactured are made from a mixture of cement with some component poured into molds and mixed with color. You can make them yourselves or consider buying from reputable outlets or makers.

Window fill In

You might consider Enclosing door space or window space to look original. However, you can buy window fill in and fix to designed spaces on the wall, or you call on our Edmonton masonry experts to help customize or make your preferred sizes.

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